About us

ORTO plus, Co Ltd, a Czech shoemaking firm, was established in 1995 and is professionally and managerially run by two co-owners, Zdeněk Kocourek and Josef Zvoníček. With their professional education and practice, they have both been
continuously connected with shoe development,
manufacture and sales.

The chief produced range of the ORTO plus Company
are ladies´ and men´s leisure time shoes
for summer from quality natural
in bright-coloured shades.

The general concept of shoe design
and construction also receives quite
particular attention. Here, too, our own
newest knowledge of anatomy, orthopaedics
and biomechanics of walking
is applied, together with that
of external experts – specialists in the mentioned fields.

The result is comfortable healthy footwear of a fine design.


Overview of ORTO plus bottom shoe parts and their advantages: